Teradata Administrators all over the world are fighting with the same kind of problems.

To help each other, I would like to create a global database containing Teradata systems’ characteristics worldwide, allowing each of us to compare the own system with others, as this helps analyze performance issues, etc.

I am starting with a simple report, which only shows, for each hour of the day,  the CPU Idle time and Disk IO Waits.

If you would like to help us in building such a database, find below is the SQL statement which has to be executed on your systems:

EXTRACT(HOUR FROM TheTime) time_of_day,
((sum(CPUIoWait)) / (sum(CPUIoWait+CPUUExec+CPUUServ+CPUIdle)))*100 as CPU_WAITING,
((sum(CPUIdle)) / (sum(CPUIoWait+CPUUExec+CPUUServ+CPUIdle)) ) *100 as CPU_IDLE
WHERE TheDate between DATE-30 AND DATE-1 GROUP BY time_of_day ORDER BY 1;

The query should run within a couple of seconds and will return 24 records (one record per hour).

One hint: Usually, the content of the table DBC.ResUsageSpma is removed regularly and stored in a backup table. I assume you know best how this is implemented on your system and where to find it.

If possible, please add information about the kind of system, number of nodes, and AMPs.

Please send your results to [email protected] (plain text or Excel Sheet).

I will collect all results and make them available online (charts & tables). Here is our current collection:

Please let me know as well, which other measures would be interesting from your point of view. I imagine that such a database of measures can be helpful for each of us.

Thanks and Best Regards,


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  • I cannot oversee the legal situation regarding the confidentiality of such information. Depending on where you reside and where you work, anything from full disclosure to strict confidentiality is possible.

    I recommend clarifying with your company if such information is allowed to be made public. Any information published shall be done in an anonymized form, i.e. without mentioning the very system or company it came from.

    Treat it like an opinion poll where you are asked about your preferences and your situation, without being named.

    Thank you for the comment.

  • By sending this information, aren’t we violating customer’s right to infrastructure privacy??

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