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I worked for 5 years as a DWH consultant with Teradata and like most of my colleagues, I had to struggle with performance problems. When I participated in one of Roland's workshops, I learned how to analyze and solve even the most complicated performance issues. Many thanks also for the wealth of free information on DWHPRO.

Raluca T.

Roland's training helped me a lot to understand the relationship between SQL query performance and Teradata architecture. I am now able to identify the causes of slow queries and take appropriate measures to optimize them. DWHPRO is a valuable source of information about Teradata. I haven't found anything comparable yet.

Patrick D.

Who Is Roland Wenzlofsky?

Roland Wenzlofsky is an experienced freelance Teradata Consultant & Performance Trainer ("Teradata Certified Master"). Born in Austria's capital Vienna, he is building and tuning some of the largest Teradata Data Warehouses in the European financial and telecommunication sectors for more than 20 years. He has played all the roles of developer, designer, business analyst, and project manager. Therefore, he knows like no other the problems and obstacles that make many data warehouse projects fail and all the tricks and tips that will help you succeed.

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