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A Better Alternative For The Teradata NUSI

The initial situation without any index In this blog post, I will show you how you can optimize a query step by step using the right tools that Teradata offers you. Let's start with the

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Data Modeling and the Teradata FSLDM

Overview What is A Data Model? What are the Major Types of Data Models? What is FS-LDM? How is FS-LDM Implemented? Dimensional Modeling Dimensional Modeling (DM) is a modeling Technique in data warehousing, visually represented as a fact table surrounded by dimension tables. Some of the terms commonly used in this type of modeling: Dimension:

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Introduction Even though solid-state disks (SSDs) are increasingly replacing hard disks, access to mass storage will always be the slowest process in

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Do you work in an environment where a Teradata compression tool is installed that works to your satisfaction? If not, I assume

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I'm  Roland Wenzlofsky

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I worked for 5 years as a DWH consultant with Teradata and like most of my colleagues, I had to struggle with performance problems. When I participated in one of Roland's workshops, I learned how to analyze and solve even the most complicated performance issues. Many thanks also for the wealth of free information on DWHPRO.

Raluca T.

Roland's training helped me a lot to understand the relationship between SQL query performance and Teradata architecture. I am now able to identify the causes of slow queries and take appropriate measures to optimize them. DWHPRO is a valuable source of information about Teradata. I haven't found anything comparable yet.

Patrick D.

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