January 15


Teradata Pro is now DWH Pro!

By Roland Wenzlofsky

January 15, 2015

As always when something comes to the attention of a larger number of people, some embrace it, some frown.

We were asked to dissociate the name of this website from the term Teradata.
We do so to avoid any future misunderstanding, irrespective of any admittance of a fault.
You will find us under www.dwhpro.com from now on.
Since we respect copyright and trademark law and therefore accept to alter any of the content or design that creates the impression of an infringement of rights, we also respect and hold high the values of freedom of speech and free expression and exchange of thoughts and opinions on technologies or products.

Roland Wenzlofsky

Roland Wenzlofsky is a graduated computer scientist and Data Warehouse professional working with the Teradata database system for more than 20 years. He is experienced in the fields of banking and telecommunication with a strong focus on performance optimization.

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  • No worries, keep up with your work… I always enjoy here learning TD from the blog instead of the reading the tutorial sites…


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