Please note that there are some important considerations to keep in mind when upgrading to Teradata 16.20.

After upgrading to Teradata 16.20, we noticed that certain reporting queries produced inconsistent result sets upon each execution. Occasionally, the results were accurate, while others were inaccurate.

Upon analysis, I found a correlation between Incremental Planning and Execution (IPE). When this function is enabled, the execution plan may encounter errors. I will conduct additional research and provide an update regarding this matter. It is possible that a patch has already been released. Your feedback is welcome.

Ever since disabling this feature, my result sets have been consistently accurate. To ensure this remains the case until a resolution is found, I am implementing the following query band as a pre-SQL step on every Microstrategy report.


This information could be helpful to those encountering this issue.

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    Roland Wenzlofsky says:

    The Problem was fixed with an update.

  • Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the update, can you provide a test case that demonstrates this wrong result?

    We are on 16.10 right now and are soon upgrading to 16.20

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    Shardul Kumar says:

    We still dont have TD 16.20, still working on TD 15.10. But good to know this and thank you Roland!

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