December 6


Teradata 16.20 might return wrong Query Results

By DWH Pro Admin

December 6, 2018


This is just a short warning when you are upgrading to Teradata 16.20.

We recently upgraded from Teradata 15.10 to 16.20 and detected that some of our reporting queries returned with each execution a different result set. Sometimes the result set was correct, sometimes wrong.

After analyzing a little bit I found out that it's related to Incremental Planning and Execution (IPE). Seems that something can go wrong with the execution plan when this feature is active. I will further investigate and give you an update if I can find out more about this issue. It's quite possible that there is already a patch available. Any input is appreciated.

Since I turned this feature off, the result set is always correct (I am adding below query band as a pre-SQL to each Microstrategy report until this issue is fixed):


I think this information might be useful for some of you experiencing this problem.

 Explanatory note: I just want to save you valuable time in case you experience this issue and have yet no solution. It's definitely not meant to talk down Teradata. 

DWH Pro Admin

Teradata and Data Warehouse Specialist with more than 20 years of experience

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  • Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the update, can you provide a test case that demonstrates this wrong result?

    We are on 16.10 right now and are soon upgrading to 16.20

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