This is just a short warning when you are upgrading to Teradata 16.20.

We recently upgraded from Teradata 15.10 to 16.20 and detected that some of our reporting queries returned with each execution a different result set. Sometimes the result set was correct, sometimes wrong.

After analyzing a little bit I found out that it’s related to Incremental Planning and Execution (IPE). Seems that something can go wrong with the execution plan when this feature is active. I will further investigate and give you an update if I can find out more about this issue. It’s quite possible that there is already a patch available. Any input is appreciated.

Since I turned this feature off, the result set is always correct (I am adding below query band as a pre-SQL to each Microstrategy report until this issue is fixed):


I think this information might be useful for some of you experiencing this problem.

 Explanatory note: I just want to save you valuable time in case you experience this issue and have yet no solution. It’s definitely not meant to talk down Teradata. 

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  • Roland Wenzlofsky says:

    The Problem was fixed with an update.

  • Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the update, can you provide a test case that demonstrates this wrong result?

    We are on 16.10 right now and are soon upgrading to 16.20

  • Shardul Kumar says:

    We still dont have TD 16.20, still working on TD 15.10. But good to know this and thank you Roland!

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