What is a Teradata Macro?

The Teradata macro executes multiple SQL queries in a single transaction, ensuring that all requests are successful or changes to database objects are rolled back.

What are the Features of Teradata Macros?

  • Macros encapsulate application logic and access control to it
  • The code of macros is stored in DBC tables
  • Because macros are stored in DBC tables, they are available for all client tools.
  • Macros can be called with parameters and are, therefore, flexible.
  • Macros can be used, for example, to ensure referential integrity.
  • Macros are optimized before execution.
  • Macros can execute other macros.

How is a Macro created?

CREATE MACRO ShowSubscribers AS
  SELECT Lastname, Firstname FROM Subscriber;

How is a Macro changed?

REPLACE MACRO ShowSubscribers AS
  SELECT Lastname, Firstname, BirthDate FROM Subscriber;

How is a Macro dropped?

DROP MACRO ShowSubscribers;

How is a Macro executed?

EXECUTE ShowSubscribers;

More details can be found in the official Teradata documentation.

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