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1. Which of the following statements concerning PEs are accurate?
2. After an UPDATE statement is running for more than 1 hour you cancel it. As a result a rollback begins. Can it be stopped?
3. Given a NUSI on columns {A,B} and the following SQL statement: SELECT * FROM WHERE A=1 AND B=1 AND C=1. Can the Optimizer use the NUSI (given strong selectivity)?
4. You execution plan shows high confidence for a retrieve step. What does this mean?
5. What kind of Optimizer is used in Teradata?
6. Is "SELECT DATE;" and "SELECT DATE FROM (SELECT NULL AS x) t01;" delivering the same result?
7. Which of the following statements are true concerning Partitioned Primary indexes?
8. To determine space requirements for NUSIs, what are  factors that is utilized?
9. How many presence bits of the first presence byte can be used to store information about NULL values?
10. Do NOPI tables have a ROWID?

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