October 23


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By DWH Pro Admin

October 23, 2015

Welcome to the Teradata Quiz.

Each time you take the quiz, a different set of questions will be asked. We are adding new questions on a regular base. At the end of the quiz, we will show you the correct answers, your score and the average score of all people.

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1. What are reliable measures in performance tuning?
2. Assume adding a row of size 5 bytes (char(5)) to an empty table (having a primary index)? By how much will the table at least grow (in size)?
3. What are advantages when using MERGE instead of UPDATE?
4. Which of the following statements regarding a Primary Index are true?
5. What are the unique characteristics of a dynamic hash join?
6. Which of the following statements about Stored Procedure Error Handlers are correct?
7. How many presence bytes do you need if you have a table with 9 nullable columns (none is compressed) ?
8. Would you consider to use block level compression (BLC) in order to reduce perm space usage?
9. What is the result of a full table scan occurring on Teradata?
10. You execution plan shows high confidence for a retrieve step. What does this mean?

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