Hi, I'm Roland Wenzlofsky

On this website I share with you all the knowledge and information about Teradata that I have acquired in more than 20 years as an independent consultant. I'll give you all the tricks to get the best performance out of your Teradata system.

This Website is Not My Business

If you're tired of coaches & gurus who's only income is from teaching other people, you've come to the right place. DWHPRO is not my main business. Freedom over money!

No Quick-and-Easy Shortcuts

Everybody loves the quick win. The shortcut. The truth is, chasing those shortcuts is a well-trodden path to failure. Here we focus on the  real skills to turn you into tuning specialists.

  • I studied Computer Science at the University of Vienna. Already during my studies I began to work as a freelancer for Teradata. 
  • For the last 20 years I have been working as a Teradata Consultant and have specialized in tuning. Parallel computer system have always fascinated me.
  • I launched DWHPro in 2014 because I realized there wasn't much information available about Teradata. I really love this database for its simplicity.
  • Freedom is more important than money: I spent a lot of time in Latin America, and 4 years ago I established a second home in Cuba.

What is DWHPRO About?

DWHPRO was founded primarily because there is hardly any really good information about Teradata on the Internet. And certainly not about performance tuning.

The official Teradata Documentation is freely available but it is not suitable to find quickly needed information.

Websites that have been created in recent years on the subject of Teradata usually offer only little really in-depth information and are mostly all very similar to the limited knowledge offered.

The official Teradata Community, on the other hand, usually deals with very specific problems and is not suitable for acquiring the knowledge to build a well-designed and high-performance data warehouse.

Since Teradata Performance Tuning has always been the most fun for me, I created this website which is dedicated to this topic.

Here are a few posts that can give you a good idea what to expect on DWHPRO:

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My Story

My professional career began already during my studies of computer science. In the beginning I worked as a network administrator. By chance I ended up at Teradata.

Actually Teradata was looking for an employee. Although I was only looking for a part-time job on an independent basis, I arranged an interview and was taken.

Many years were characterized by a combination of studies, project work for Teradata, and travel through Latin America.

During this time I worked for various customers in the telecom, internet and banking sectors in Austria and Eastern Europe.

Finally I got married in 2001, and my second home became Cuba, which is the ideal place to relax from the life as a consultant.

Relaxing in Cuba...

What Customers think about DWHPRO

I worked for 5 years as a DWH consultant with Teradata and like most of my colleagues, I had to struggle with performance problems. When I participated in one of Roland's workshops, I learned how to analyze and solve even the most complicated performance issues. Many thanks also for the wealth of free information on DWHPRO.

Raluca T.

Data Warehouse Consultant

Roland's training helped me a lot to understand the relationship between SQL query performance and Teradata architecture. I am now able to identify the causes of slow queries and take appropriate measures to optimize them. DWHPRO is a valuable source of information about Teradata. I haven't found anything comparable yet.

Patrick D.

Database Developer