A Short Teradata Quiz for You

By Roland Wenzlofsky

October 26, 2015

A Short Teradata Quiz for You 1

Here is a short Teradata Quiz for you. I hope you like it.



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  • 1)Which of the following is not stored in a sub table?
    Answer Provided: Join Index (JI).Row Partitioned Table.
    Correct Answer: Row Partitioned Table.

    comment: I am aware only the Secondary indexes in Teradata creates sub-table, but for the above question, why the JI stored in sub table, does this question meant that JI allows creation of SI over the JI or does it meant Join Index (JI) stores its join results in perm space.

    2) Which of these technical join types are available on Teradata?
    Answer Provided: Left Outer Join.
    Correct Answer: Hash Join.Merge Join.Sliding Window Merge Join.Product Join.

    Comment: Hash Join, Merge Join, Sliding Window Merge Join and Product Join are the join strategies determined by the optimizer based on the joining tables data distribution, so I have answered Left outer join is the Join Type, a user can decide based on his business need.

    3) Are tables without Primary Index (NOPI) always distributed evenly across all AMPs?
    Answer Provided: Yes
    Correct Answer: No

    Comment: Could you explain to me why the NOPI tables not always evenly distributed across all AMPs.

    Kindly advise me on how to approach the above questions.


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